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The Homemade Sketch Show is weekly digital half hour sketch comedy series created remotely entire during the pandemic. 

Regular Cast: Shara Ashley Zeiger, Christine Aziz, Eric Lockley, Danny Gardner, Tanya Perez, Chelsea Remah, Nicky Nasrallah, Tonya Cornelissa, Michael Piper-Younie, Gabbie Fried, Matthew Rini, Latisha DeVenuto








Guest Host and Musical act each week!

Check out who we've had on! 

Joe Aaron Reid (Broadway's Chicago, Curtains, If/Then/West End's In The Heights, Dreamgirls) 

Molly Gazay (NYC singer-songwriter) 

Camille Theobald (Caroline's on Broadway Headliner)

Michael Mott (Broadway Records Recording Artist)

Ayesha Adamo (Filmmaker/EMI Records)

Matt Burke (Nashville Recording Artist)

Matt O'Brien (Just for Laughs, Conan O'Brien, MTV, etc.)

Erika Amato from Velvet Chain (Music from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sex and the City, etc.) 

Selah Victor (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug at Cat Noir)

Jace Miller from Alright Junior (Philadelphia Recording Artist)

Chase Coleman (The Originals, Boardwalk Empire, Mercy Mode)

Maya Contreras (NYC Human Rights Acivist) 

April Brucker (MTV, Telemundo, The Today Show) 

Matais (Columbian Recording Artist) 

Michael Piper-Younie (All you Can Eat) 

S.E.R. & Jo Lee (NYC Recording Artists) 

Hailey Hacket (LA Stand-up) 

Sage Buchalter (Netflix, Knitting Factory) 

Monnie Aleahmad (Various Films) 

Nimo & The Light (Brooklyn/Israeli Indie Rock Band) 

The Midtones (Nashville based Band) 

Kimberly Faye Greenberg ( The Plot Against America, Off-Broadway) 


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Watch our Show!

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We are thrilled to keep you laughing through the pandemic.

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