A New Silent Comedy starring/written/directed by 

Shara Ashley Zeiger


DP- Nolan Roy

AD- Grace Gao

AC/Gaffer/Grip- Alphonse Silvestri

Hair & Make up- Paige Gittleman

PAs- Toni-Ann Robertson, Drew Tudor, Samantha Cohen, Jonathan Wetjen, Lee Luther

Graphic Design- Jonathan Wetjen

Space Sponsors: Make Up For Ever, Jill Lindsey Boutique

Special Thanks- Marlee Dater, Cookie Felix

*Currently in post-production

IMustacheYou is a silent short film about Abby Finkelmanstein, an agoraphobic who receives an invitation to love, self acceptance, and the outside world.

"I created "IMustacheYou" as a challenge to myself to write a compelling silent film. I was inspired by Buster Keaton as well as a lot of my clown training, my own life living in NYC and battles with anxiety. I wanted to create something that spoke to the trials and tribulations we go through to learn to love ourselves and do it with a comedic heartfelt tone. People put themselves through a lot, when we don't have to. A lot of people today experience anxiety. It's stigmatized, and I wanted to bring some heart to it. We are all Abby." ~ Shara Ashley Zeiger