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A New Silent Comedy starring/written/directed by 

Shara Ashley Zeiger


DP- Nolan Roy

AD- Grace Gao

AC/Gaffer/Grip- Alphonse Silvestri

Hair & Make up- Paige Gittleman

PAs- Toni-Ann Robertson, Drew Tudor, Samantha Cohen, Jonathan Wetjen, Lee Luther

Graphic Design- Jonathan Wetjen

Space Sponsors: Make Up For Ever, Jill Lindsey Boutique

Special Thanks- Marlee Dater, Cookie Felix


St. Louis International Film Festival (11/7/21-11/2121)
*Oscar Qualifying
Chelsea Film Festival (10/14-17/21)
Orlando Film Festival (10/29/21, 11/1/21)
*Nominated Best Short Film 
NY Shorts International Film Festival (11/2/21)
Top Indie Film Awards (1/5/22)
*Winner Best Director & Best Humor, Nominated Best Short, Sound & Music
Mindfield Film Festival Winter Awards(1/7/22) 
*Winner Diamond Award for Best Actress & Best Short 
Short and Sweet Film Festival (2/8/22)
*Winner Best Comedy 
NYC Indie Theatre Film Festival (2/10/22)
Sound on Screen Music & Film Festival, South Africa (2/2522)
Berlin Independent Film Festival (2/9/22)
*Winner Best Comedy 
Houston Comedy Film Festival (2/10/22)
*Nominated Best Romantic Comedy 
Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema (3/8/22)
*Nominated Best Short, Best Short Director, Best Short Script, Women in Film Director Award, Women in Film Screenwriter Award, Women in Film Producer Award
Borrego Springs Film Festival (3/24/22) 
Short Film Factory (4/1/22)
*Winner Best City Life Short 
Experimental Dance & Music Film Festival (4/6/22)
*Winner Best Performance 
Hang Onto Your Shorts (4/23/22)
*Nominated Best Actress in a Comedy 
Fort Myers Beach International Film Festival (4/26/22)

Clean Shorts Film Festival (5/3/2022)
Harlem International Film Festival (5/10/22)
Lighthouse International Film Festival (6/3/22)

International Sound Music Video Awards

Near Nazareth Festival (6/6/22)
*Winner Best Silent Film 
Philadelphia Independent Film Festival (6/10/22)
Vero Beach Film Festival (6/9/22, 6/11/22)
Fear No Film (6/23/22)
Long Island International Film Expo (7/16/22)

Fade In Awards (7/2022)

Hamilton NY International Film Festival (7/23/22)
*Winner Hammer Award for Most Inspirational Filmmaker
New Hope Film Festival (7/30/22)
*Winner Best Comedy 
Chain NYC Film festival (8/10/22)
Festival of Cinema NYC (8/13/22)
FLY Film Festival (8/6/22)
*Winner Best Short Film & Lord of the Fly (Best in Fest)
MOM Film Festival (8/22/22)
Tournadeau Music & Film Festival/Foxwoods (8/26/22)
Nightpiece Film festival/Edinburgh Fringe (8/26/22)
Broad Humor Film Festival (9/1/22)

*Winner Best Score
Northeast Film Festival (9/11/22)

Sunnyside Shorts Film Festival (9/17/22)

Body Positive Film Festival (10/2022)
Portland Comedy Film Festival (9/18/22)

*Nominated  Best Romantic Comedy
Ladyfilmmakers Film Festival (9/20/22)

Legacy Theater Film Festival (9/23/22)

*Winner Best Comedy
Astoria Film Festival (10/1/22)
Brejning Film Festival 10/2/22)

*Nominated Best Actress
Indie Shorts Mag Short Film Festival (9/2022)

American Jewish Film Festival (10/2022)

*Nominated  Best Short

Top Shorts Film Film Festival (10/2022)

*Winner Best Comedy/Honorable Mention Best Actress

*Nominated Annual Best Comedy 

Global Shorts Film Festival (11/2022)

*Winner Best Actress
Adirondak Film Festival 11/2022)

Black Cat Award International Film Festival (11/2022)

Open Gate International Film Festival (11/2022)

*Winner Best Comedy

 Mental Filmness  (11/2022)
Pittsburgh Film Picture Show Festival (10/2022)

*Winner Best Performance in a Fantasy Film 
Tel Aviv Melech Film Festival (10/2022)
Bowery Film Festival (11/2022)

YoFiFest (12/2022)

Prague International Music Video Awards (2/2023)

*Nominated Best Music Video

Durango International Film Festival (3/2023)

FUIFF Awards United Kingdom (4/4/2023)

*Winner Best Actress, Best Women Film 

Phoenix Film Festival (4/1/2023)

West Chester Film Festival (4/2023)

Denver Monthly Film Awards (4/2023)

*Nominated  Best Short 

Katra Film Series (5/1/2023)

First Frame International Film Festival (5/2023)

Canada yes! Let's Make a Movie Film Festival (7/2023)

*Nominated  Best Romantic Comedy, Best Sound, Best American Film 

Palm Beach International Film Festival (4/20/2023)

Richmond Film Network Screening Series (6/2023)

Harrogate Film Festival (6/2023)

Bizarrya Short Film Festival (6/2023)

Artists & Beers (8/2023)

Kurdistan International Independent Film Festival (8/2023)

Scene Awards (8/2023)

*Nominated  Best Film on Mental Health 

Smiles Film Festival (9/2023)

A Pecan Pickling Film Festival (9/2023)

*Winner Best Longer Short

Smodcastle Film Festival (10/2023)

*Winner Best Original Music 

Indigo Moon Film Festival (10/2023)

Cinema of the World International Film Festival (10/2023)

*Nominated  Best Short 

Aasha International Film Festival (10/2023)

*Winner Best Short

David Film Festival (10/2023)

*Winner Best Short

Saskatchewan International Film Festival (11/2023)

Emerald Cast Film Festival (12/2023)

LA Comedy  Film Festival (12/2023) 

Indie Shorts Mag Short Film Festival 


Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival

Festival Script Selections:

Southern State Indie Fan Film Festival
*Finalist Best Script
Sacramento International Film Festival

Honorable Mentions

TimeLess Shorts

Pebbles Underground Film and Video Art Festival

Nassau Film Festival

Video Art and Experimental Film Festival

IMustacheYou is a silent short film about Abby Finkelmanstein, an agoraphobic who receives an invitation to love, self acceptance, and the outside world.

"I created "IMustacheYou" as a challenge to myself to write a compelling silent film. I was inspired by Buster Keaton as well as a lot of my clown training, my own life living in NYC and battles with anxiety. I wanted to create something that spoke to the trials and tribulations we go through to learn to love ourselves and do it with a comedic heartfelt tone. People put themselves through a lot, when we don't have to. A lot of people today experience anxiety. It's stigmatized, and I wanted to bring some heart to it. We are all Abby." ~ Shara Ashley Zeiger


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