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Produce Your Own Work Workshop!

Ever want to produce your own creative work and not know how to get started? Befuddled by wanting to put yourself out there and overwhelmed? Confused on how to fund it all? Not sure on marketing, promoting or implementing a budget? Come take my class! Shara's been producing her own work for years and will go over how to put it all together and not pull your hair out :) She's produced plays, cabarets, reading series, films, pilots, and web projects. She's moved shows from a showcase to Off-Broadway and has experience bringing films through the circuit to over 50 film festivals too! Shara consulted on producing over 30 films last year alone and has 12 years experience teaching! This 3 hour class will include the nitty-gritty of successful DIY producing. Some topics covered with include putting together your team, budgeting, pitching, best practices on set/in rehearsal, fundraising, marketing, PR, finding and growing and audience, and more. 


Please contact Shara directly to schedule a one on one skype session 

Shetler Studios

244 west 54th st 12th Fl


Sign up through Paypal below (*No payments accepted at the door. Space is very limited.) 

Make sure to bring a pen, paper, and the excitement to make something! Unlike the classes that are 90% inspiration and 10% information, this class is 100% information and involves a LOT of note taking as Shara believes in giving you the tools you need and inside tricks beyond just inspiring you to do it! 

"Shara is yet another walking font of information. She has a lot of great thoughts and suggestions, along the experience to back them up. Especially since self-producing is something which has consistently growing relevancy in this business, I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial it could be to study with her." ~ Ashley Lovell

"Shara is a wealth of information and a keen business woman . She gave practical step by step instructions and answered all questions put forth her. This is a great class!"

~ Lydia Fiore

Swiped Right 

"Thank you once again to Shara Ashley Zeiger for her amazing producer workshop yesterday. To say I learned a ton is an understatement."

~ Yama Kayumi

"Great workshop. Everyone in the biz should attend."

~ Arlene Sparaco

The Fighting Wagners

"I simply can't recommend it enough. This is a girl who gets it done; walks the walk and talks the talk. I was truly inspired by her wealth of knowledge of producing and creating fierce content. Thank you Shara!"

~ Laura Darell

"I had a private consultation with her and she was incredibly resourceful and knowledgeable about producing theater and indie films. I had a ton of questions and she answered them all and then some. Go to her class or book a private if you a first time producer and want to get out there and create your own work!! " ~Kisha Milling


"So much valuable information. Excellent Excellent Excellent."

~ Stephen Edwards

"This lady knows of what she speaks!"

~ Virgina Gregory

Project in Development 

“I made the choice to produce and direct my own web series in January of 2016 but getting started had me overwhelmed and confused on how to move forward. On a whim, I decided to sign up for Shara’s class, PRODUCE YOUR OWN WORK, and it was the best decision I could have made. The class was extraordinarily informative, supportive, and inspiring. Shara was able to cover a number of topics from pitching, to festivals, to contracts, funding/crowdfunding, and much more!

Due to how intimate the class was, great attention was given to every person and I walked away feeling like I had the tools to succeed with my project. And boy, did I! I wrapped my 4 episode web series by the end of 2016 and since have been officially selected to screen at a number of festivals.

Thank you Shara for providing me with the knowledge and confidence to make my passion project a reality. This class is a MUST for anyone who plans on producing their own work.”

~Lynnsey Garegnani

Scribbles the Series


"Jaunt to NYC yesterday to take the "PRODUCE YOUR OWN WORK WORKSHOP" taught by Shara Ashley Zeiger. Very informative, took a lot of great notes. She showed that fundraising for your project doesn't have to be mind-boggling. Just requires some time, persistence, creativity and enthusiasm! Reach out to Shara if you need some advice, she's a great resource."

~Mary Ferrara

Wallie's Gals 


*Not Able to Make the workshop? Reach out to Shara to schedule a private coaching session!  

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How do I get there?

You can either drive yourself there, or you can take a train to New London, CT and be picked up. The New London train station can be reach via the Metro North from NYC's Grand Central Station. 

What are the accommodations?

 There is a sleeper loft on the second level of the studio lined with comfortable futon beds. (I have back problems and never have an issue sleeping here). There is a gorgeous walk in shower on premises. People must bring their own towels. 

What are the meals? 

The Platform Group will provide 8 full meals plus snacks throughout the residency. Upon sign up, we'll send you a questionnaire where you can notify us of any special food aversions or dietary needs.  We're used to cooking for vegans, people who keep kosher, people with celiac, allergies, etc. We're committed to making sure everyone has a great experience. 

How many people will there be?

This intimate retreat can accommodate approx 12 people due to sleeping arrangements and the goals of the retreat. 

Do I need to bring my computer?

Yes. Writers will write on their own laptops. 

What is the space like? What is around?

The Dragon's Egg is located in a secluded part of Ledyard, CT, right near Mystic. The studio itself is an octagonal egg-shaped vessel with many levels of lofted balconies full of various books, eccentricities, and curiosities to spark the imagination with a beautiful deck outside. Our favorite is a swing that hangs down through the main space. There are many nooks and secluded spots a writer can snuggle into to do their work. The woods around are peaceful with local wildlife and babbling brooks. It's a magical place to clear your head.

Is there Wifi?

There is limited cellphone service, and no wifi. We suggest doing your research prior to the trip or taking a trip into Mystic to do so. 

What will the readings be like? Do I have to share?

On Friday and Saturday evening we will do readings of some of the work written that day. This is meant to offer a benchmark, hear your work out loud in progress, and have deadlines to incite productivity. The readings and talk backs will be facilitated by Shara Ashley Zeiger, head of The Platform Group. These readings are meant to be a tool. If you do not want your work read, that is ok too. 

What will the creativity activities be like?

As a fun way to spark imagination, we'll have a few creativity activities throughout the retreat. These will be lead by Shara Ashley Zeiger. They will be fun and diverse artistic activities that will encourage you to use different parts of your brain to shake things up and inspire you to write. They are not mandatory, but they will be fun and encouraged. They will include things like crafting, moving, meditating, etc. Shara's been a working teaching artist in NYC for 15 years and plans to make these fun. 

Can I share a bed with my partner who also writes?

Yes! Keep in mind, you are sharing the loft with other people, so please be respectful to that when doing so, but we are open to having couples up to the retreat. If two people are sharing a bed the cost for both is $600 for the weekend. ($200 for the extra person.) 

Who is facilitating?

The writer's retreat will be run by Shara Ashley Zeiger, owner of The Platform Group, and her husband Jonathan Wetjen. Shara has been a teaching artist for over a dozen years and is the founding artistic director of The Platform Group she's been running for 9 years. She's an accomplished working actor/writer/creator who has facilitated activities and taught all over the world. Through The Platform Group and other notable theaters, Shara has worked in the development of many new works that have gone onto production and publication. Jonathan is an accomplished Industrial Design Engineer. His work has been seen all over the world and in places you probably interact with daily. He's also one of the volunteer directors at Xavier Mission and facilitates activities with thousands of New Yorkers weekly. 

Do I have to write the whole time? Can I skip activities?

This weekend is for YOU. If you need to take a nap during any session or take a walk or read a book or get jazzed writing you don't want to stop, do that! We are here for you, and while we'll have benchmarks to help keep things going, if you're in the groove by all means, do your thing. 

What if I have more questions? 

Email us at 

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