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 *Contributions here during the production of "The Homemade Sketch Show" go towards paying the artists who collaborate on each show. We depends on donors from individuals like you to thrive, and artists have bills to pay too. Most of our livelihoods have been severely effected by COVID-19, so when we cannot step on a set or stage, we're creatively bringing you content in a new way. If you enjoyed our show, we'd appreciate your support. 



If you're interested in making a donation for another project please email and indicate where you want your support to go. Please help keep the art going :) 

 The Platform Group is Shara Ashley Zeiger's fiscally sponsored project that she's produced her creative work through for the past 10 years and it is because of donations from YOU that it's been able to keep going!
 What started with a sold out production of the play "Savage in Limbo" that moved Off-Broadway 9 years ago, that went on to "The Ladder Series" to "Roughly Speaking", and moved into films these past few years bringing you "Faustess", "The Red Lotus", "White Elephant", "Secret Feminism", "JOE",  and it is JUST getting started! 
The Platform Group has played live for countless sold out houses, been accepted to over 50 film festivals around the world, nominated many times, and won many awards. 
 Current projects include: "Oy...a new comedy series" (a half hour comedy pilot aimed at tackling Antisemitism through comedy), "Yo Sidekicks!" (a short form series about super hero sidekicks and the women's empowerment movement), "Lotus" (a feature film based on the short film "The Red Lotus"),  "IMustacheYou" (a Buster Keaton style silent comedy about self love), and "The Homemade Sketch Show" (a weekly comedy indie tv show born in the pandemic).  



*The Platform Group is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, and all donations through Fractured Atlas are tax deductible. Help us get there, become a friend to The Platform Group and build with us. 











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